Our @theEcoHubAfrica Mission & Journey

Africa is a continent not a country with lots of culture, resources and talent to be tapped for its economic growth as well as for international trade and policy. We are youth playing our part in #TheAfricaWeWant within the African Union and the Diaspora’s Agenda 2063/2030. You too can join us now! EcoHubAfrica.com and its global affiliates seeks to scale a youth driven economic revolution across Africa through sustainable tourism, trade, agriculture and real estate development. Our tours,talent exchange programs, immersive and culturally rich experiences as well as strategic investments from real estate to food processing and arts and craft sales connect African youth and creatives to the global economy. Welcome to magical Africa. Start your adventurous and impactful journey with Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. #unlockthepearlofAfrica #trustculture

For a limited time only, order arts and crafts and pick them up on check in or checkout at site — @theecohubafrica Team #unlockthepearlofafrica #trustculture Dismiss